Business Health Check

The Business Health Check is designed to review a company’s health, from top to bottom, to ensure it is in good shape to face the challenges imposed by growth or by rapid changes in market conditions.

01Mission, Vision and Values

How clearly articulated are your company’s Mission, Vision and Values? Is it well understood by your team? Are the actions of team members congruent with your Mission, Vision and Values? Do you have a cohesive strategy for growth? Is it well communicated throughout the staff and team members?

02Sales Process and Sales Management

Does the company have an established process for generating leads and converting leads into sales? Can management predict future sales based on current performance indicators? Is there a plan for hiring, and training sales people and sales managers?

03Management and Employee Relations

Does the company have the talent it needs to succeed now and in the future? Can the company recruit and retain the talent it needs to grow? Is there a plan to train and develop the best people so that they can reach their full potential? Do we provide them with timely feedback on their performance? Are the rewards in line with the industry and best practices?

04Markets and Competition

How well does the company know its customers? Is there concentration in one customer/industry/etc. that could be a concern? Are the product/service offerings clearly shaped toward the key demographics and psychographics for each customer segment? How is the company positioned vs. competitors & substitutes? How was the pricing decided on? Is the company selling through the right channels?

05Products and Production

How are sales & profits distributed amongst the products? Are products/services seasonal? Are improvements available in lead-time, on-time delivery, or quality? How do features & benefits compare vs. competition and substitutes?

06Development Processes

Development and innovation