Customized Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Recruiting new employees takes too much time and too much money. Orchid Advisors offers affordable, effective candidate sourcing that fits the needs of small businesses. By using state-of-the-art resume collection and screening technology, Orchid Advisors can quickly identify candidates for nearly any position for less than half the cost of a traditional recruiter.

Here’s what you can expect from Orchid Advisors’ Candidate Sourcing Services


Our ProcessTM help companies adapt and thrive in a connected world

  1. We interview the business owner to learn about (and write) the job description. We take the time to understand the job requirements and the traits of a qualified candidate.
  2. We create a job posting that appeals to the target candidate audience and conveys the necessary job requirements to identify a qualified applicant pool.
  3. We market the position through free job boards or paid advertising (advertising fees billed at cost) to obtain a rich candidate pool.
  4. We screen tech candidates by CTO to ensure they are qualified, presentable and a good fit for your company.
  5. We present a list of candidates for the business owner to interview. Should you fail to hire from the first slate, we will keep screening to produce a second slate at no additional charge.
  6. We can also check references as needed and even provide comprehensive background checks for an additional cost.